Life At The Beach (Seal Bay)

November 18, 2016  •  1 Comment

Although there is an extensive network of trails in the forested portion of Seal Bay Park, I like to wander around the beach area when the tide is low. The beachfront is limited and not too many people walk around there but I like to sit around and watch for wildlife.

It's not everytime that I see seals lying on the exposed rocks and during my recent visit, the tide was quite high up but outgoing. I was quite surprised to see Cormorant birds occupying a half submerged boulder; never seen so many in one place. I've actually never seen these type of birds in the area before. Cormorants are considered a nuisance to fisheries since they dive into the water and go after fish.

Cormorants usually dry themselves off after being in the water.

The boulder wasn't too far from the shoreline and I was using a 180 mm macro lens normally used for close-ups but it also serves as a short range telephoto lens.

The day had started off quite calm but the winds picked up followed by waves crashing against the shoreline. It was a cold day with the temperature around 5*C so lucky had I worn my down vest under my jacket. The sun had shifted at this time of year so light hits the beach mostly on the northern half but doesn't last long into the afternoon.

One thing I find annoying when enjoying my time at Seal Bay is the frequent flying by of noisy jets since the airport is not far away. It appears that the wildlife around the area is habiuated to the noise but it bothers me. One time I counted about 10 jets going by over a 2 hour time period.

Several ducks on a rock

Seals with their heads poking above water in the distance

Time lapse of drifting clouds

Since the clouds were drifting across the sky at a rapid rate, I decided to take a short time lapse but it was spoiled near the end when someone with a couple of dogs walked into view. You can catch a temporary glimpse of a figure near the end of the video.

Seagull coming in for a landing

Rough waves crashing onto the boulder where the seagull sits

The seagull had enough of the waves & is preparing for takeoff

A cropped photo of a bald eagle flying high

After being in the outdoors a lot, I got use to identifying the sound of an eagle before I catch sight of it.There must be a nest somewhere up in the tall trees. On another occasion, I've come across Blue Heron lurking around in the shallow part of the water. Normally, they fly away before I can get fairly close but there was one particular one which hung around and got use to my presence so I that allowed me to observe it for about an hour.



I love your hikes, it's almost like being there in person seeing the beautiful photos, videos and reading about them. I loved listening to the waves crashing on the rocks, too.
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