Blue Heron

March 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I headed out in light showers down the familiar path which winds along the tributary of the river and came across a blue heron standing motionless on a structure which resembles a dam that spans the narrow section of water. I stood there for a while but the bird didn't fly away. My camera was in my pack and if I got it out I'm sure the heron would have flown away so I headed down the trail for a bit then got out my camera and walked back to the heron but it flew off upstream. I headed up the trail and saw it perched on a fallen tree which spans the water and starting filming the bird. I was surprised it didn't fly away so I continued to film it as someone jogged by me then I left it in peace and looked for other things to photograph. I've encountered herons along that section of the river before and most of the time they fly off but on occasion some have stood there motionless watching me before taking flight.

All the green moss looks pretty vibrant when it rains and that is something I like to photograph. There is one tree which has all of its branches covered in moss. I haven't gotten a good photograph of it that I really liked.

As I headed along the path, I noticed a cluster of small mushrooms growing on part of a decayed tree covered with small lichen just down off into the bush. I've passed that way many times and have never seen mushrooms growing in profusion in that particular area.


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