Elk Falls Park Suspension Bridge

March 01, 2016  •  1 Comment

Elk Falls Park is probably one of the nicest provincial parks located within the limits of a city because of its stand of old growth forest, beaver pond, trails for biking and hiking, visitation of wildlife such as bear, cougar and wolf. Now with the construction of a suspension bridge, it adds another element of excitement to the park.

There is a series of steps which leads down to a lower platform situated at the edge of the cliff and overlooks Elk Falls and the canyon. Before this platform was built, I use to scramble down the slope via a faint path and sit near the edge of the cliff. Due to the platform, it is difficult to take a still photo using a slow shutter speed however taking videos is not a problem. The first shot shows Elk Falls flowing at a very high rate. The second shot is taken downstream at the edge of a cliff and looks towards the suspension bridge.

Elk FallsElk Falls flowing at high volume                                      

The suspension bridge is a newly built structure completed late last year. The only thing I don't like about it is the sides are too high to take a decent photograph otherwise it is nicely built with a grated surface to prevent slippage and secured with cables to prevent sway. 

Elk Falls during a heavy run-off.

   Elk Falls during a normal run-off and Suspension Bridge

There is a fairly well worn path which breaks away from the main trail and heads down to the edge of the canyon to give views upstream towards the falls which appear mostly hidden but the suspension bridge is plainly in view.

A path to the canyon edge downstream of the suspension bridge

A video of the canyon downstream from the waterfall taken on a misty day. This is when a greater volume of water from the falls was flowing so the water in the canyon is more turbulent.  



I like the walks through the hike which shows the bridge and the terrain on all sides, it's like being there without being able to visit on one's own. Always very enjoyable for me to read about the hikes, see the beautiful photos and videos, too!
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