Hiking the ridge trail

March 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

There is a quiet trail off the main trail in Elk Falls park where I like to hike. Not far after the bridge which spans the canyon, a steep forest trail joins up with the ridge trail which is mostly a mountain bike trail so it doesn't see much people during the weekday. This trail can make for a very long 50 km trip but I usually hike as far as I like before heading back the same way. For a short trip, I usually take a side trail and head up to some nice mossy bedrock where I like to head down into the bush and photograph nice moss covered trees. The branches are a tangled mess and at this time of year there is marshy sections. I made it through tangled bush up to a nice moss covered rock bluff where I saw a nice photo opportunity. My goal this year is to take fewer photos but try to be patient and capture good shots rather than take many shots in the hope of getting a few good ones. When I think about it, most of the shots I take end up getting deleted so now I have to challenge myself and only use the camera when I see something worthwhile.

The nice green color of moss and Evergreen trees among the drab muted colors of leafless bushes.

One thing I've noticed is the lack of mosquitoes at this time of year compared to last year. The mornings are still cold. The temperature at the airport was only 1*C but the sun felt warm so it warmed up nicely a few hours later.

Photograph from inside the bush which looks like a jungle although the area is in fact very small.

Sun-lit Moss covered tree branches. I've photographed this tree quite a few times before but was never satisfied with any of the shots. I think a close shot with the sun lighting up the moss looks best.

As I entered the bush on my way back, I heard some noises then a grouse flew out. Normally they keep silent until I'm close enough before they fly off but the noise alerted me and prevented me from being startled.

I only spent a few hours out this morning since the day was nice. One of the few days in which the sun was shining. I was surprised to meet a few people hiking on this trail in the opposite direction. They had the same idea as myself; hike it on a weekday when there is less crowds.



I always like to read about the hikes; I missed seeing the wonderful photos always taken.
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