Misty Day at Elk Falls Park

March 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

Today was a misty, rainy day when I headed into the bush to photograph Elk Falls and the canyon. I walked the regular trail which goes a round about way up into the forest because of the Dam and Generating Station upgrade that Hydro is doing. Close to 25 minutes later, I then took a path off the main trail which leads to the canyon edge and then followed an overgrown busy path which heads down to a rather muddy areas where skunk cabbages are beginning to emerge. There is fallen debris and the slope can be slippery especially when it rains. I headed up the steep slope right along the edge of the canyon so caution is needed and then came out on a grassy bluff overlooking the canyon.

Elk Falls and suspension bridge in the mist.                                                               Distant views of Elk falls and suspension bridge in the mist

There are limited views of the distant Elk Falls but nice views of the suspension bridge spanning the narrow gorge. I used a longer lens to capture the falls and the mist rising around the suspension bridge. I also used multiple exposure (3 shots) to get an even spread of the mist.

                                                                              Nice moss rimming the cliff edge

Another thing which caught my eye was the lush green moss rimming the canyon edge; an area which I frequent every so often but it looked better to photograph today in the mist. From this vantage point, a path heads into the forest and joins with the main trail. It was all basically downhill to the parking lot in about 20 minutes.



Lovely photos of the suspension bridge/waterfall photo and the moss photo within the mist. Great photography as well of the hike itself.
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