Seal Bay Park

March 28, 2016  •  1 Comment

Seal Bay Regional Park is located near Courtenay-Comox and features an ocean front beach plus a forested area which is larger in size than Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC. I like to head down to the ocean especially during low tide and look for starfish and watch seals basking on the boulders. During high tide, I never see the  seals and the boulders are submerged but with low waters they like to perch themselves up on the boulders and rest. Not too often I see blue heron and eagles but if you come often enough, you chances of spotting them increases.

One problem with Seal Bay being located close to Comox is the airport being located there and often times the noisy planes fly overhead coming to or heading out from Comox. Since there is a military base in Comox, once in a while I see fighter jets doing flights in the skies around the park. What a nuisance.

One of the main attractions in the forested park is Melda's Marsh which looks quite dead and filled with brown reeds during winter but comes to life with birds during spring and summer.

A lot of people use the trails to jog but I like to listen to the birds and photograph the different plant communities and second growth forest. Sometimes, I don't end up with any good photographs but the forest walk and resting beside the ocean is quite soothing.

Birds singing the forest. The videos is not that good quality but the birds make up for it.

The beach front at Seal Bay Park featuring seals, blue heron and other bird life.


It sure was nice listening to the birds singing in the trees as well as watching the peaceful video of the birds on the water and the sound of the gentle waves, too. I enjoy reading about each Park, too, as it's like being there, too!
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