Flowers are Blooming

April 13, 2016  •  1 Comment

Flowers are blooming in the forest of Elk Falls Park. I took a short stroll in the woods and noticed for the first time that flowers have sprung up. There are white flowers not more than 1/4 inch in size while larger ones like the Western Trillium are up to 2.5 inches. Then there is the unmistakable Bleeding Hearts flower which come in shades of purple and pink. Vanilla leaf is easy to identify; they consist of 3 broad leaves supported by a very thin tall stem. During fall, they turn into a nice brown-yellow color before decomposing.

There are different stages of ferns popping up from the ground. The young fern fronds are called fiddleheads and they appear curled up. This is followed by slow unraveling of the fiddleheads which form distinct stem and fronds which contain the whole fern leaf. Ostrich fern and Bracken fern fiddleheads are edible but must be cooked thoroughly to destroy most of the carcinogens that are heat labile. Not all are destroyed, therefore their consumption should be limited.

One thing I found annoying is the intrusive noise from machinery penetrating the forest. BC Hydro has undertaken major upgrade to the Dam and Generating Station since 2014 and they expect to finish in 2019 therefore the noise is rather constant. When I was there walking the forest, there was a warning blast that the sound of dynamite will go off and this was followed in a couple of minutes by a large blast. Such a pity because the forest is filled with the pleasant sounds of birds but they are being drowned out.


With still so much snow here this winter, it's great to feel Spring as I read about the hike and see the lushness of the green everywhere in your video, Ron. Lovely flowers as well as the video taking in all surrounding angles, too.
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