The Living Forest

April 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I went for a short nature walk in the forest at Elk Falls Park where people seldom go and away from the noisy Dam construction. Although I couldn't see any birds in the woods, it was alive with what sounded like hundreds of birds singing away. Since a lot of the branches and bushes have sprouted leaves, it produced great camouflage.

There are more different flowers growing along the trail and while most trillium flowers are white there are purple ones here and there. There are six petal pink flowers which look like fawn lilies growing in abundance then there is the usual fern fiddlesticks slowing unraveling.

There is lots of activity on the forest floor with sow bugs, slugs and the yellow-spotted millipede which curls up when disturbed. I saw one crawling along the forest floor and the close-up capability of the videocam allowed me to zoom in quite close. These insects are apparently scavengers and eat vegetarian. When threatened, these millipedes secrete cyanide for protection.

Pesky blackflies and mosquitoes were a nuisance flying around my head. The forest is alive with all sorts of living creatures. It feels nice to be among nature.


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