Comox Lake Bluffs

May 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

It has been many months since I last visited the open mossy bluffs above Comox Lake. I had a feeling that wildflower might be blooming all over the place so I figured now was a good time to visit.

On the way, I noticed that the water level in Comox Lake is high up which isn't surprising although I didn't see much snow up on the mountain ridges. A lot of snow must have melted in a short time period. I was surprised to see no water running in the forest; just dried creek beds. One spot along the creek had a small water fall where a log positioned across the width of the creek allowed the water to spread out and flow over it creating a nice fall however erosion remove the log and everything is destroyed. There was water spewing out from the banks into the small pool below so it's flowing underground.

I hiked around the back side of the bluffs which is part of the mountain bike route then made a small detour onto the bluffs. The moss was very dry as if it hadn't rained in a while but the flowers were blooming all over the place. The only plant I could name was stonecrop which looked very knobby in appearance but it would later bloom with nice yellow flowers.

Some idiots have carved their names into the trunks of several arbutus trees. I despise acts of vandalism like this. I also saw several beer cans dumped in a pile.

Although the sun was hot and bright, the wind was a bit cool so I found a spot in the shade of manzanita trees to eat. I like to eat a lot of complex carbohydrates whenever I'm out on a hike since it will replenish muscle glycogen stores and provide energy so I usually bring cereal. Dried cereal is not perishable like whole grain bread and I don't have to worry about it being crushed when I shove it into the pack.

There was a couple of people on paddleboards which I was able to zoom in close. Some people on the lower bluff had a dog barking. Sound really audible and travels far. One thing about my video cam is that although it lacks a wide angle of view (lens is only 30 mm), the zoom capabilities are good.

Heading back along the bluffs, I met up with a lady who had 6 dogs. She said they are all friendly. Thank goodness, as I hate dogs who bark and growl and I have met those in the past around this area. Despite being a weekday, there appears to be more people than usual around the area and the parking area was full.


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