Grouse Attack

June 13, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I was bluff charged by a grouse while hiking down a mountain trail in Strathcona Park. I came upon the grouse in the forest and saw a couple of baby chicks scurry away. Lucky I had my camera slung around my neck (instead of inside my pack) as I was able to film the grouse who charged towards me with its feathers spread open and making noises all the while making a complete circle.

I had been bluff charged by a grouse a couple of times in the past and at first it does appear a bit frightening to see such placid animal become so aggressive when defending their young. Normally, they scare easy and fly away but with young ones they are difficult to scare away. I've tried that one time and it only makes them more aggressive so this time around I just stood there quietly filming away before it eventually calmed down and went to hide amongst the bush. I managed to walk by the grouse without further incident as it didn't look at me as a further threat.


I imagine it can do some damage with its claws and beak and I was wearing shorts but I had to put on my pants as several mosquitoes joined in on the attack. The only item I had in my defense was my hiking pole. At least there was some action on that day which turned out to be a dreary, cloudy and rather cool day for June. There is still lots of snow in the subalpine with small tarns partly frozen over.


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