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Everytime I hike around the Forbidden Plateau area in Strathcona Park, I always admire but bypass photographing flowers so today I made it a point of mostly taking my time to seek out different flowers to photograph. There are a lot of flower names which I don't know yet.

I started early in the morning because flowers are susceptible to the slightest breeze which makes it difficult to get an in-focus shot and morning it usually a time when the wind is absent for a period of time. With a macro lens, it makes it possible to photograph down to life size but because the flowers are so close to the ground, I end up straining my back and neck when looking through the viewfinder.

Bunchberry Dogwood found growing low on the ground

Pink Heather

Lupines with thin strands of spider webs

White Heather

I hiked part ways around Paradise Meadows then took the path up to Lake Helen Mackenzie before cutting across to intersect the trail which goes beside Battleship Lake. From there, I went to Lady Lake and caught the clouds and fog rolling in. The morning had started out sunny and a bit cool  but clouds and fog drifted about.

Lady Lake

Fog at Lady Lake

As I was hiking along the trail, I bumped into a grouse so I stood around trying to get a good shot. The grouse had initially backed away but then started walking towards me which I thought was odd. As I moved forward, it flew a short distance to a tree and at the same time a couple more grouse flew off; they appeared to be younger grouse so I suspected that they were part of the family. I'm sure, if these were smaller grouse chicks, the mother would have charged me.

Mother grouse


Red Indian Paintbrush

Hairy leaves and stems

Spreading Phlox; some dead, some living

Spores of moss

I hiked to Croteau Lake where I filtered water then climbed a high point to eat my lunch. By this time, a breeze blew and the fog obscurred the views but it made for some nice photos. The sun was behind some clouds and the air was chilly.

Mt. Alma in fog at Croteau Lake

Overlooking the forested plateau between Croteau Lake and Kwai Lake


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