Abstracts of Strathcona Park

August 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I like taking photographs of landscapes with a wide angle lens; a lens which comes in handy in photographing massive cloud formations and in taking pictures in confined spaces. However, what I have neglected over the years is practicing my 'art of seeing' and focusing on isolating the big scene. It was years ago, during the film camera era, that I had done a lot of photographing abstracts and isolating the subject matter; something which is difficult to do. So with this in mind, on my next trip to Buttle Lake in Strathcona Park, rather than just photograph the same landscape, I decided to bring along my zoom lens so that I can practice isolating shots and take them in a unique way that makes subjects difficult to recognize. Practicing the art of seeing makes me stop and take my time. It makes me think harder in what to focus on and to pre-visualize if the photo would turn out okay. It makes for a great exercise in creative thinking.

Reflection of a mountain and clouds on Buttle Lake with a slight breeze.

Limestone Ridge in mist

Pinecones on vibrant moss

A reflection of a stick and mountains during sunrise

Grass reflection

Tree reflection during a slight breeze


Full moon descending

Same shot as above except during sunrise

Water patterns

Light & Shadow

Tree stumps on Buttle Lake

A short video heading up & above the waterfall.



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