Cotton CloudsCloud Invasion over Buttle Lake.Old Relics along the South Canol Rd, YukonWaterfall on Shepherd CreekClouds at sunset framed by a dead treeRolling Fog over Flower RidgeMt. Albert Edward from Ruth Masters Lake.Karst Creek, Strathcona ParkUpana CaveSunrise over Needle Peak.Misty morning at Buttle LakeHuge cumulus cloud over Buttle Lake.A quiet morning near Thelwood Creek at the south end of Buttle LakeSea Urchins at Stephenson Pt, Ripple Rock Trail.Double Rainbow, YukonFiery Clouds over Paradise MeadowsElk Falls CanyonBeaver Pond, Elk Falls ParkColorful Sunrise, Rotary BeachButterfly at Murray Meadows.